Vantage Advisory Services

When you engage with Avista’s Vantage services, you receive a custom-designed solution with our experts on hand ready to bring meaningful insights to your table as an extension of your team. Every custom Vantage engagement is unique both in content and in scale.

We understand that between unified communications, big data, cloud computing, and software-defined networking, it takes expertise and a serious time commitment to stay on top of all of the advancements in our industry and transform them into competitive advantages. That is why our Vantage services are designed to help your organization keep up with this ever-increasing whirlwind of technology changes.

How It Works
  • Collaboration and
    Definition of Needs
  • Development of Short
    and Long-Term Strategies
  • Development of a
    Strategic Roadmap
  • Definition of Clear,
    Comprehensive Goals
  • Custom Solution
  • Integration and Testing Using
    Proven Methodologies

In an effort to effectively address executive concerns, Avista’s experienced technology engineers and consultants work with you to define clear, comprehensive goals and engineer meaningful solutions. As new technologies emerge, we act as a guide, helping you deploy the only ones that will work best for your needs and business environment.

When we first meet with your team, we ask about the big picture. What are your goals? What are you trying to accomplish? We ask how you see technology supporting those goals. We take a look at the services you currently use and the vendors delivering those services. We must understand your baseline before we can begin building a custom solution that delivers exactly what your organization needs.

Once the baseline is established, our experts dive into your business vision and goals, IT environment, skill requirements, and policies. With these elements in mind, we are able to develop both short- and long-term strategies based on best practices to deliver measurable results. We collaborate with you to define your needs, design a solution unique to your organization, and then develop a strategic roadmap that is specialized for your company.

Once new technologies are deployed, companies often struggle with solution design, project management, and implementation. Our Avista project managers and service delivery professionals are experts in carrier services and are with you for the long haul to ensure successful deployment, incorporating proven methodologies, integration, and testing.

As a Vantage Services Client,

you can trust our team to keep up with the industry and manage your solution, so you can stay focused on the business of your business.