Removing the Roadblocks of Complicated Connectivity for a Nonprofit

The Client

This large nonprofit serves more than 2,500 people every day in more than 170 languages. For 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the organization runs a complicated web of communication between people in need of services and the counselors and advisors providing those services. As one might imagine, it is essential to their work that the toll-free platform and interactive voice response (IVR) services work well at all times without commanding too much of their nonprofit budget. The way their organization operates, they do not own the infrastructure. All of the calls are answered by outsourced agencies and they pay for the network delivery and the toll free numbers.

The Predicament

In an effort to deliver better service in a cost-effective manner, this client wanted an improved network strategy that would help them deliver calls to the appropriate agencies. They felt Avista’s experience in the industry was exactly what they needed to help them build this strategy.

The Solution

After meeting with their team, Avista came to understand their mission, their technology and communications goals, and the obstacles they faced in trying to meet them. By following a proven discovery process and collaborating with key stakeholders within their organization, we were able to develop a strategic design uniquely suited to their organization. With our nationwide solution for connectivity, call delivery, and seamless integration, Avista’s value to the client became self-evident.

Through the initial engagement, we discovered additional needs for this client. The next phase of their solution included partnering with a contact center provider to truly respond to all aspects of their overall business needs.

The mission of this independent national nonprofit is to serve people and improve their well being. With Avista acting as an extension of their team, they can focus on that service while we go to work for them and attend to their technology and communications needs.

The Benefits of Avista’s Navigator Services

At Avista, it is our modus operandi to develop long-term relationships with our clients, and this nonprofit is no exception. After implementing the design, we continued to deliver everything all of our Navigator services clients receive including:

  • Order Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Invoice/Bill Tracking
  • Contract Tracking
  • Escalation

That means our project and client services managers regularly review all billing, identify errors, and get them resolved, saving the organization both time and money. Because we understand their organizational goals and know their solution needs to be IP-based to improve functionality, reporting, and ease of use, we can proactively advise them on upgrading their solution to newer technology