Client Tools


A proprietary, cloud-based lifecycle management tool powered by Microsoft Dynamics, ViewPoint was developed by our veteran team of technology experts. Through this all-in-one tool, our clients are given a snapshot of all technology assets managed by our team, including inventory, contracts, invoices, reports, etc.

When you engage with us, ViewPoint will give you access to every detail around how your technology infrastructure is being managed, so you can pinpoint what is happening at any given moment. This allows you (and our team) to ensure everything is managed with accuracy and precision.


Client Blueprint

The Client Blueprint is an engagement tool. It is where we lay out the details of our audit findings and outline a game plan for executing on the custom solution we have designed for your organization. It serves as the basis for our regularly scheduled meetings where we have the opportunity to check in with our progress against the plan. It keeps us all on the same page and makes sure everyone touching the project is updated and on track.

Inventory Report

The Inventory Report is, simply, a report of everything under Avista’s management. As our client, you will receive this report at our regularly scheduled meetings to ensure you have the most up-to-date account of your inventory.