Easing the Service and Pricing Headache for a Midwest Bank Holding Company

The Client

As a privately held $12 billion bank holding company headquartered in the Midwest, this Avista client specializes in community banking with a particular focus on delivering leading-edge banking technology through its network of branches and nationwide ATMs.

The Predicament

Avista’s initial engagement with this regional banking company began because the company was struggling with finding the right service at a price that stayed within budget for their wide area network.

The Solution

After meeting with their team, conducting the necessary discovery, and determining their immediate needs, Avista’s team of experts entered into a custom engagement. We collaborated with them from design to negotiation to implementation.

Leveraging our industry knowledge and relationships on their behalf, we negotiated a new network with a new provider, significantly improving the pricing, and increasing bandwidth at key sites while staying within the pricing targets.

Getting to know the client and their specific needs as part of the initial process allowed Avista to become a trusted advisor, consulting on all aspects of their voice and data needs as well providing ongoing management of their solution. For more than five years, as new products or services have entered the marketplace, Avista has brought them to the attention of our client. With this proactive exploration of industry trends, Avista has become this client’s first call for information whenever they have a question about the options that are out there.

The Benefits of Avista’s Navigator Services

Through Avista’s Navigator services, we act as an ongoing extension of this bank holding company’s team. We are the day-to-day face for all of their telecom providers. All orders and invoices flow through Avista. Our industry insiders engage with their contract renewals and look for ways to improve services, reduce cost, and add options to the contract to allow greater ease for future orders and upgrades. With our proven Navigator process, we handle all:

  • Order Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Invoice/Bill Tracking
  • Contract Tracking
  • Escalation

Ultimately, this client trusts us to do the work that is within our area of expertise, so they can stay focused on the business of their business.